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We'll go over the three main sources of firmwares:

Mentioned but largely ignored (as it currently has nothing) is the hexbright public code library.

Go to github.

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There are 3 main types of firmwares.
  • There are 3 main types of firmwares.

    • First, firmwares derived from the original samples repository (blue), see step 3.

    • Second, firmwares derived from the hexbright library (orange), see step 4.

    • Third, unrelated firmwares (purple), see step 5.

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  • The samples repository contains the initial sample firmware.

    • At a future point, notable firmwares may be included in the repository (see the Pull Requests).

    • Most importantly, we can see works that have been derived from this repository (by clicking the number to the right of Forks).

      • The left box shows users that have uploaded changes that have not been pulled into the main repository.

      • The right circle is hovered over, showing details of that particular commit. If clicked, you can see details of that work.

      • This code may or may not be ready for use.

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  • The hexbright library contains a library designed to simplify programming.

    • The programs directory contains programs that could be used. For the time being, most are simple but functional.

    • The network graph shows modifications that have not yet been merged into the repository.

      • You can view modifications in progress by hovering over points, or clicking for more details.

      • It's worth noting that the library is under active development, as you can see from the code check-ins on the top line.

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  • Unrelated firmwares are firmwares that have been published, but not linked to either of the previous projects.

  • Purple repositories are unrelated projects. They have a different name, and unique sizes - though most on this page are empty.

    • Alpharesearch has a repository with files, and an actual readme. We can't be sure if it's working without testing it, but these are a good sign.

  • In black is something misleading. It says it is the 'HexBright Public Code Library', but for now it just contains the source for this webpage.

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