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HexBright bodies present a fun way to modify your Flex flashlight.

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How do you get to the USB port?

This seems like it would be simple and I'm probably missing something obvious. I'm following the guide to unscrew and access the internal frame. When I twist the only thing that comes apart is the rear nut that holds the rubber button. Has the internal frame become over tightened?

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This happened to me yesterday, and I was able to solve it by gripping the protruding threads of the carrier with a rubber band and unscrewing it that way by squeezing the rubber band against the threads. Worth a try anyway...

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Since the issue is that the internal carrier is threaded too tightly into the body as compared to the threading of the back cap onto the carrier, one possibility is to use a medium- or low-strength Loc-Tite to secure the back cap to the carrier long enough to get the carrier to unscrew from the flashlight body.

You don't want to use a 'permanent' Loc-Tite formula. You just want to to be stiff enough to be tougher than the threads that hold in the carrier. Once you have the carrier out, you can wrap a cloth around the carrier to get a good grip on it and twist the nut back off and clean the remaining Loc-Tite out of the threads if you want to gain access to the button again.

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It looks like the carrier has indeed become over-tightened. The only thing I can think of to fix this off the top of my head is to maybe try tightening the rear nut down a bit and then flash freezing it so that it contracts around the threads on the back of the carrier. This might make it temporarily tight enough to overcome the grip between the carrier and the body when you twist the nut.

You can try using a can of duster (turn it upside down and spray it at the nut until it gets really cold). The only downside I can see to this is that I don't know what that kind of cold would do to the rubber button, but I think it would be alright. Just be careful not to give your fingers frost-bite.

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I have had similar issue in the past with 2-piece barrels for paintball guns. The method I have used to great effect is as follows:

1) Screw the back cap on until it is almost finger tight, but loose enough so that there is still some room to tighten further.

2) As quickly as possible, tighten and loosen the back cap.

This should be (almost) one fluid motion. The idea is to get the threads on the back cap to catch enough to release the threads on the internal carrier. It may take a few tries, but it's worth a shot. Most importantly, do not over-tighten the back cap. This will only make it harder to release the internal carrier.

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